June Purchases and Budget

June Purchases and Budget

Time for my June budget round up. It was a good month for thrifting!
Here's what I kept:
  • Fedora: JCPenney - $3.43 after coupon
  • Mint H&M Cardigan: Goodwill - $5.15
  • Gray Short Sleeve Maxi Dress: Target - $15.26
  • Apt. 9 Brooklyn Hobo: Goodwill - $3.53
  • Pastel Plaid Mossimo Button Down: Goodwill - $2.50
  • Blue Heathered Sonoma Tee: Kohl's - $2.56 after coupon
  • Pewter Metallic Sandals: Payless - $12.76
  • LOFT Modern Straight Jeans: Goodwill - $5.40
Total Spent: $50.59
I'm really pleased with everything I bought and have been wearing it quite a bit! You will see most of these items in my 20x30 remix coming up. I placed a couple of Kohl's orders last weekend (30% off + free shipping + great clearance prices!) and they just arrived today, so I am going to take some time to try things on and decide what to keep and put those items on my July budget recap. I bought some things ahead for fall - sweaters were marked down to $5, plus the 30% off code and I got a couple FILA running tees for $4 plus the 30% off code, so I'm hoping some of the pieces work for me.
I have been looking for a new work bag. It wouldn't count toward my regular budget, so I am looking a bit higher than I normally would. I am a children's librarian, so I constantly have bags filled with all sorts of random things - books, puppets, snacks, craft materials, etc. I would love to find something sturdy enough and large enough that it can hold most of my stuff and I would love it to be somewhat stylish, so I don't look like a misfit carrying 2-3 different bags full of stuff when I head out to do a program. I returned a couple bags to Target that just didn't work for me and I am looking at a few others. It is so hard to buy online because the measurements aren't always quite right. If you have a moment, give me your opinion on the bags pictured below and if you have a recommendation for a fabulous work bag, please leave it for me in the comments!
Work Bags

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Anonymous said…
So many great, casual pieces (at amazing prices!) - love that dress! :)

Carrie said…
That maxi dress caught my eye - so cute and comfortable! Those shoes are also great - a lot of flat sandals seem to have a very hard footbed, but this one looks like it might be padded.
Franziska said…
I love that purse you got this month. I've decided I need a cognac crossbody and just can't decide which style I want. Glad you found yours though - better one of us get one :)