Weekend Update

So here we are at the end of the first week of December. I think it is safe to say that I have failed at the December Photo Project idea. Sigh. It seemed pretty easy - just take one photo a day and post, but I just couldn't keep up with it. I always seemed to remember I needed a new photo at 9:30 at night and then was too tired to post. Oh well.

I kind of feel like I'm behind in other areas, too. We haven't kept up with a daily Advent devotion and our Christmas tree still isn't up. Our shopping isn't done, either. I'm trying to keep Christmas simple overall, so I know we will get there.

I haven't been sewing too much and I don't really have too many handmade gifts lined up for this year. I'm going to try and get an apron and chef's hat done for my daughter since she has outgrown her other ones. I've also been crocheting and I want to make a couple of infinity scarves, but they may not get done in time for Christmas.

We have been reading lot of our Christmas books. I gathered all the ones we own (19) and put Post-It notes on them with numbers 1-19, so we're covered for books for most of the month. We also have an Advent calendar - an old one that I used as a kid - and we've been tucking candy, coins, barrettes, and little trinkets into it for my daughter to discover in the morning. We don't have an Elf on the Shelf, either.

The thing is, I'm not necessary upset about the things we're not doing. Honestly, I probably shouldn't have started the December Photo Project. I am currently reading an advance copy of Money Saving Mom Crystal Paine's new book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and I know the ideas from the book are influencing my decisions and thought processes right now. I've been trying to pare down in different areas and buy/do less overall. You can sign up for a 7-day challenge on the web site which gives you a feel for the book and some of what it encompasses.

So how are you feeling at the end of this first week of December? Excited? Prepared? Overwhelmed? What kind of Christmas traditions are you saying yes to and which ones are you skipping this year?

I hope you'll stop back on Monday. It's Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day!!


Yeah, I am just kind of hanging on this week. It is the crazy week to get ornaments done and out and I got sick. Not good. I am better now and I am supposed to go out with my sister tonight. Like, get all dressed up fancy for a party. I am feeling a little like Cinderella today. I wish some mice and birds would alter my dress for me. :) Our tree is not up because we ran into some trouble with our son on Sunday and couldn't go get it. Half of the decorations are up. Most of my shopping is done. Cards are ordered. Never got around to an advent calendar. I am having a laid back approach to everything right now, though. Good enough seems to be my mantra. :) I wonder if I can safety pin my dress... :)
Brooke said…
Less is more. I think December is a great month to Be Still. We have been doing our Advent calendar but we are doing a family activity each night with it. We read a bible verse and then drink hot chocolate together, dance to Christmas songs, make ornaments, etc. My girls have loved it. I have not put up all of our decorations this year either and I am fine with it. Merry Christmas!
Spicy Veggies said…
Love the numbered book idea! I have one Christmas book about baby Jesus that we read all year but are focusing on it during the holidays. My daughter is still under two. I think next year I will gather more ideas and be a little more creative.