December Budget

Here's my last clothing budget post for the year! I did pretty well at not buying too much this month, but I did get several other items as gifts that I'm not including in this post for my birthday at the end of November and Christmas.

December Budget

I purchased 4 tops (3 pictured above) out of my budget this month.
- Leopard blouse: $6.45 from Target (same)
- Blue with black dot blouse: $6.45 from Target
- Dark blue chambray: $0.86 from Kohl's (after $10 coupon) (same)
- Ann Taylor LOFT sleeveless ruffle blouse: $3.00 from Goodwill
Total spent: $16.76
The Target blouses were marked down to $5.98 in our store, but seem to still be full price on the web site.
I also got the following as gifts or using Christmas or birthday money.
- Black wedge boots: $16.09 from KMart (same)
- Utility jacket: Christmas gift from Penney's (same)
- Reversible fleece vest: $21.44 from Sears (same)
- Purple necklace: Won from Our World Boutique in a giveaway from the Cream to My Coffee
I have worn the black wedge boots all month. I really like them. The utility jacket was a replacement Christmas gift. My parents bought me this great brown faux leather jacket, but it was not quite the right size. When I went to exchange it, they were out of the brown jackets but I got the olive utility jacket instead which I've been wanting, so it worked out pretty well.
I went to Sears looking for a black puffy vest after I saw it on My Favorite Outfit and a couple other places. I ended up buying this reversible vest instead. It has a subtle chevron print on one side and is a really soft solid gray on the reverse. I keep seeing the herringbone JCrew vests and various similar ones, but I wasn't able to track anything down in our area. I'm hoping this vest will fill a similar place in my wardrobe.
Tomorrow starts day 1 of my 20x30 remix. The shopping plan for 2014 is to try and buy fewer, better quality pieces. We will see how I do! How was your shopping budget for December?
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Nikita said…
I did not buy clothes for my self for almost two years..anytime I would go to get soemthing I'd end up with a bag for my children if I got anything it was through my mom, dad or sisters.. but reading your blog and your clothing remixes and really inspired me to shop..but shop smart. So I spend quite a bit of money (for me anyway, b/c I am cheap) on clothes.. and each item I got.. I had to be able to wear it several different ways.. my closet actually looks decent now, and I feel like my old self again going out.
Ashley said…
I really like that utility jacket! I have had one on my list for a while, but I just haven't found one for a good price.

How do those tees from Target fit? I saw them online and thought they were cute, but I wasn't sure if they might be too boxy?

Also, I am so glad you got your necklace! I never got a confirmation if they shipped so you are making me so happy! I hope you enjoy it!
Sweetened Style said…
I love those booties! I can totally see wearing them all month, they look super versatile!
Franziska said…
those booties are super cute. I've wanted a pair for so long, and have never been able to find the kind I liked. I'm excited you found a pair you like!