Craft Show

We haven't done a local craft show in many years. We used to participate in one with my grandparents in their hometown. It was a Saturday after Thanksgiving tradition. My grandpa did the most beautiful stained glass and my grandma sewed.

When our church announced we were holding a craft and vendor show, we decided to participate. Here are some pictures of our display.

Our whole table

Car trash bags - these sold really well for us.


Pouches, cozies, and tea wallets - we almost sold out of tea wallets!

The key fobs are something new I made. I have a few left over, so if you'd like one as a gift, they are $3 plus shipping. Send me an email if you are interested!

A selection of bins and some placemats

Overall, it was a fun day. I picked up some great smelling candles for $3 each as gifts. I've been burning the cinnamon sugar one since getting home last night.

Have your participated in or visited a craft show lately? Are you buying any handmade gifts this Christmas? Leave me a comment with some online shop suggestions - I'm still shopping!

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Sewing Mom said…
Great job, Carly! I was wondering if you could let me know where you bought your fob accessories? I'd appreciate it. =)
I went to a local craft show with my girls, but it was so tight in the hallways with the stroller and keeping track of the girls was stressful. They behaved well, it was just hard in such a crowd. I was not impressed with the crafts because so much was made in China and being resold. :( I wish they would make it handmade only...