Book Review: An Untamed Heart

An Untamed Heart by Lauraine Snelling is a Christian historical fiction novel set in Norway. For anyone that is a fan of Lauraine Snelling, this book is the prequel to her popular Red River of the North series. This book tells the story of Ingeborg and how she ended up in America and how she ended up married to her husband.

I have read most of the Red River of the North books, and I think having read that series helped me to understand a bit about where An Untamed Heart was going. I enjoyed this book and getting to know Ingeborg more through the story. I feel like Ingeborg's character was developed and explained a great deal through this novel.

Based on the summary on the back of the book, I did expect the story to be a bit different. I thought that it would involve more interactions between Ingeborg and Roald. The reality of their relationship was quite different than I anticipated and their story was actually only a small portion of the novel. Most of the story was devoted to another relationship that Ingeborg had. However, it was a very influential component of Ingeborg's life as a young woman. I won't reveal any more than that, so I don't spoil the story for you. :) I would recommend this book, especially if you are a Lauraine Snelling fan.

I received a copy of the book free from Bethany House in exchange for this review; all opinions are my own.