Small Home Living: Work in Progress

My husband had the day off work today, so we decided to tackle some work in our daughter's room. She's in Kindergarten and her room has been kind of stuck between her baby/toddler room and a big girl room. She definitely has too much stuff in there for the size of the  room and we also purchased a desk for her to use for schoolwork and drawing, so we needed to spend some time organizing and shifting items.

We still have a lot to do, so this space is certainly a work in progress!

Here's a view of the room from the doorway.

And a view from over by the window. :)

And this one from by the bed.

We need to find a new home for the rocking chair, but we did manage to shift things around to fit the desk. We took the quilt rack down as well as another shelf and took two boxes of stuffed animals and other items to Goodwill. We need to do some patching and repainting now on the walls and I want to get rid of a few more things, but we made some progress!

Here's my girl using her desk after school! She was excited!

One thing I've found about living in a small home is that since our needs frequently change, we have to be willing to evaluate how things are working and get rid of things that aren't. We usually don't spend a lot on furniture for this reason. We shift furniture as needed and declutter often.

Do you find yourself making changes in your home often?


I get on my kicks where I make a lot of changes. Decluttering is more ongoing. I actually have a box near the door for donation items. The kids' rooms definitely accumulate the most "stuff". I think I have my mom talked into giving the kids time instead of things for Christmas this year. Maybe they can go to a movie or something. Just not more STUFF!