Small Home Living: Tour - Office/Craft/Play Room

Somehow, it's the last day of October, and I still have a few posts to write. :) I've run out of steam a bit toward the end of this challenge, but I'm still determined to finish. I have my last 4 post ideas ready to go, so here's the first one.

I really, really wanted to make this room tidy and organized before I posted about it, but reality is, it rarely looks that way. It's not a mess, but it is a room we use a lot. I do all my blogging and other work in here at the desk as well as my sewing. We package and ship our Etsy orders from here. My daughter has toys and art supplies in this room. So, you get to see the room just how it looks right now.

Here's the view from the door. We have dress up clothes and a play kitchen along the wall facing the door. You can see our Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes in the corner.

This is my sewing cabinet. I store all of my craft supplies in here. It is one of my favorite purchases of all time. $50 at Meijer. The whole thing closes up when it's not in use or if I need to clean up the room quickly.

This large file cabinet holds our files, Matt's sheet music, and shop items. I have some fabric in the boxes to the left.

My "office" desk.
There you have it! The last room on the tour. I'll be back later to show you a little more of the storage in here.
Where do you work, blog, create, or play in your home?


I am surprised by how little fabric you have! It must be nice to have a play area nearby so you can keep a good eye on your daughter if you want to sew.