Small Home Living: Tour - My Closet

I didn't get a post up in the series yesterday, so I'm hoping to write two today and catch up a bit. I post about my outfits quite a bit on the blog, so I thought I'd devote one post to my closet and how it's organized. I do have a lot of clothes and shoes and my closet is a constant work in progress. I go through things often. The closet doesn't look too bad right now, but I could definitely tidy up a bit.

Here we go!

The closet is approximately 5' x 5'.

Here are all my shirts that I hang up - button downs, blouses, and cardigans. I organize them in color order.

Sweaters, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, long sleeve tees, and colored bottoms.

Dresses, pants, skirts, and scarves.

I have my scarves on hangers looped through shower curtain hooks. Idea via Pinterest.

Some of  my shoes...

Short sleeve tees, tanks, more scarves and shoes, jeans

A few things that are being stored - I need to bring some boots down and put some sandals up higher.

Flats stored in on the back of the door.

We also have our luggage in here, plus some big rolls of wrapping paper. :) I keep pajamas, work out clothes, tights, socks, and undergarments in my dresser.

So there you have it! My small (and full) and well-used closet. How do you organize your clothes? Do you organize by color or style or something else?

Thanks for reading and happy Saturday!