Small Home Living: Tour - the Master Bedroom

Here's the first room in the tour! I decided to start with our bedroom because it is typically the neatest. :)

I know in some small spaces, people seem to have a minimal amount of furniture. We don't have tons of furniture, but we do each have a dresser, plus the bed. This room is approx. 11'x12'.

Honestly, the room is small enough that it was hard to get a good angle in the room to take a picture.


This is the view from our doorway. We have a queen size bed. My husband's dresser is the one you can in this picture and we have our laundry hamper next to it.

This is the view from our bathroom doorway. That's my dresser. :)


Our mini picture wall faces our bed.


We also have a nice closet. This is a combination linen closet and clothing closet for my husband. It is also hiding a few other things that we really need to go through, so maybe this home tour will motivate me to get it cleaned out so I can show it to you.

When my grandfather passed away a little over a year ago, we were given my grandparents' bedroom set. Prior to this, we had a free bed frame that came with the mattress we bought when we got married and a couple of non-matching dressers. We really don't have room for any more furniture, so no end tables or anything like that.

Tomorrow, I will share some of our "hidden storage" in this room. I'll show you where we stash things so that they are out of sight! :)

I know it's not too exciting, but our room is pretty comfy!

Tell me about your master bedroom - do you have room for an end tables or a chair to sit in or anything like that?


My bedroom... let's see, dresser, chest of drawers, nightstands, desk, bookcase, and way too many "things" sitting around!

I want to rearrange it and when I do, I plan to put a big chair and ottoman in there. But like so many other things there is never the energy to do it

Our bedroom is pretty big. My sewing area is tucked away in one corner and the bassinet and a rocking chair is in another. One day, when I can move those things, it would be nice to have a little loveseat where I can curl up to read books!