Small Home Living: Tour - the Living Room

Time for the living room! Today's post is an overview of the whole room and tomorrow's post is going to show some more hidden storage in the living room. Here we go!

We spend a lot of time in our living room because it is our primary shared living space.

This is the view from the kitchen. We have a couch, loveseat, and piano here.

Another angle - looking at the living room from the front door/foyer area.

You can peek into the kitchen a bit here.

We use our piano all the time.

Another look at the sofa and loveseat. The loveseat is a sleeper and folds out to a bed. I picked up these brown slip covers a little over a year ago and I really like how they make the room look. The sofa and loveseat are both hand-me-downs (and they are plaid).

Our TV cabinet. One of my favorite pieces that we picked up for $50 at Meijer several years ago.

One thing we're considering doing is getting rid of the sofa and moving the rocking recliner out of my daughter's room into the living room. Then we'd get a second chair so there would still be seating, but the furniture would be smaller. It makes me nervous to get rid of the sofa, though...What do you think?


I would be nervous to get rid of the sofa, too. It is nice to stretch out on there but if your loveseat folds out...

We are thinking about getting a (free) piano, too.