Small Home Living: Tour - the Laundry

We have our laundry in a small room off the kitchen. It used to be storage that was accessed off the back of the house and my husband converted it. It's small, but it's turned out to be a nice, convenient space.

The laundry area is behind these doors. We can't leave them closed, because that is where the cats' boxes are. :)

We have a place to hang laundry, plus shelving and storage. We bought the blue and white boxes at IKEA last summer. The shelves extend across the rest of the room. The laundry basket holds recycling. My mom made the plastic bag holder.

The washer and dryer are stackable and the wire shelf next to the machines hold our detergent and stain remover. The kitchen wet bag is from Cloth on Osborne. We use dish cloths in place of paper towels in most circumstances, so we toss wet cloths in this bag and then straight into the wash when the machine is free.

So there you have it! Where is your laundry room located?


My laundry room is in my bathroom, which is nice because of the sink and because that is where most of the dirty laundry ends up anyway. I had a separate laundry room at our old house that was off of the living room and next to the back porch. My husband painted it for me while I was away for the day and I told him to just pick a color, any color but white, and he chose "My Fair Lady" which was a pinky purple. I do miss that room! :)