Small Home Living: Tour - the Kitchen

Next stop on the tour is the kitchen. Our kitchen is actually fairly large.

This is the view from the doorway.

Another view from over by our laundry room.

Behind the doors is our laundry "room" - I'll show you that soon.

Another view from near the laundry area.

Our cabinets in the kitchen are not very nice wood. My husband repainted them and we replaced the hardware several years ago. We'd love to replace them eventually, but can't figure out an economical way to do so at this point - any suggestions?

We replaced the floor this year and were going to repaint at that time. After the floor project was much more involved than we anticipated, all I wanted to do was put everything back together again, so the painting is on hold again.

Tell me about your kitchen. Do you like yours? What's your favorite part?


Keshet said…
One idea is to try refacing--if you like the layout, switching out the cabinet doors and keeping the interior cabinets the same.

It looks like a really big and functional layout!
My kitchen is functional. I spend soooooo much time there, though! I ripped off the seashell wallpaper a few years ago. We rewallpapered with textured paintable wallpaper- it is just waiting for the paint- and the backsplash is made of beadboard which looks very "country" to me - and it also needs another coat of paint. So, it is getting there. I need more lighting, too, since it is not very bright in there. BUT, now that I am done having babies, maybe I can do some painting. :)