Small Home Living: Tour - the Bathrooms

Next up on the tour are our bathrooms. Neither one is very big or too exciting, of course, but we do love having two of them.

This is the shared bathroom and the one that is original to the house. It was remodeled after my husband moved in and is still in very good shape.

Towel rack and storage

More wall storage

Shower curtain and hook on the back of the door

This is our additional bathroom. We have pedestal sinks in both bathrooms with no storage underneath. We had trouble finding sink cabinets we liked so we went this route instead. I like using the storage cabinets instead and like the look of the pedestal sinks as well. We purchased our medicine cabinet and storage cabinet in here from Home Decorators Collection. There are good deals to be found in their outlet.

I made the curtains in both bathrooms.

Shower curtain purchased on clearance from Target

This is the entrance to my closet. It is very convenient.

There you have it! The bathroom tour! We still have the kitchen and laundry, office/craft room, and the porch/patio left to tour.


I really like the skinny storage cabinets next to the sinks!