Small Home Living: Seeing Potential

Now you've heard our story about how and why we ended up in our current home. On Monday, I will start the tour of our home. I plan to show the different rooms and on subsequent days, highlight some ways we've learned to work with our space. There is also a post coming up on how our perspectives on finances played a part in staying in our home. In addition, I plan to address decluttering and may even show a couple of projects where I work on an area of our home this month. On weekends, I plan to link up to other small space inspiration and quotes about space small space living.

Before I start the tour on Monday, I want to make sure I tell you a few things.
  • Our house is not decorated perfectly or exactly like I want it to be. :) I am not an interior designer and I am always thinking of improvements I would like to try. I don't have a clearly defined style, either. Our space is definitely a work in progress. That being said, I definitely like many aspects of our space and like to include handmade touches, so I will try to show you some of those.
  • We have some clutter! This is especially true in our daughter's room. She loves dress up clothes and stuffed animals, so we're always working on keeping her space organized. Her room needs the most work right now. I'd love to get some changes made in her room in time for her birthday, but we will see if that happens.
  • There are challenges living in a smaller space. We change things around frequently so that our space works the best for us in the current season of life that we are in. So much of accepting and embracing the home we have involves seeing the potential instead of the challenges. Often, I think we need room for more stuff, but honestly, a lot of times we end up getting rid of some of the things, and not really missing them after all. We are finding that there are more blessings than challenges in living in this home right now.
Give me some ideas about what you'd like to see in this small home living series. What are some specific questions or challenges you face in your own home?


I am always looking for ways to better organize the kids' clothes and toys.