Small Home Living: Location

Another factor in our decision to stay in our home is its location. While this isn't a specific positive related to small homes, it's certainly another aspect to consider. When we were looking at other bigger homes, we always compared their location to our current place.

Right now we are less than 15 minutes away from our church, my parents, my in-laws, both of our jobs, and my daughter's school. This is obviously amazingly convenient for us!

In addition, we have some really kind neighbors that do a great job taking care of their homes as well.

We might have been able to find a bigger home that would have the same positive aspects, but it would have the search much more difficult!

How much does location play in where you live?


Brooke said…
Location is everything! We are located halfway between my work and my husband's job. We are not in the burbs, which is important to me, we have great schools and a perfect location. Love, love, love!
We are close to my in-laws, but not too close. ;)

We are also only minutes away from a busy stretch of road with a mall and shopping center and many stores and restaurants. (And soon we are getting the largest thrift store in the U.S.!) It is very convenient, yet we are still out in the country.