Small Home Living: Kitchen Storage

One thing that we've done in our kitchen is that instead of a regular kitchen table, we have an island with built in storage. This works for us since we have a small family and we don't need a large table in our kitchen.


I keep my stand mixer, bread machine, pans, mixing bowls, and hot pads in the kitchen island. The other cabinet is primarily for Pyrex and Fiesta right now.

We also store dish towels and plastic dinnerware (for eating outside) in our microwave stand.
Most of our cupboards actually store food since we don't have a pantry, so this is how we store the rest of our kitchen items.
How do you store everything in your kitchen? Do you have enough cabinets?


i really, really, really want a pantry. i have a baker's rack, which is a huge waste of space because the bottom shelf is so tall. it hold the microwave, canisters for snacks, and a market basket with my cookbooks. i have moved some things to my cellarway and coat closet, too.