Small Home Living: The House

I'll tell the second part of our story soon, but I thought I'd give some information on the size and layout of the house, just so everyone knows how much space we have.

Our house is a three bedroom ranch built on a concrete slab (no basement). Our whole neighborhood is full of these small ranches that were prefabs from a company called National Homes. The catalog shows the different styles and floor plans. We think ours is a variation of the Fremont floor plan. It originally had one bathroom, but we've added on a second full bath since moving in. The bedrooms measure approximately 10'x12'. We also have a living room and a pretty nice sized kitchen. We have our laundry room in a small area attached to the kitchen and some shelves for storage in this area as well. Our house is currently around 1,100 square feet after adding on the second bathroom and a small closet on the back of the home. We also have a two car detached garage.

For three people, this isn't bad at all. My daughter has her bedroom and we have ours. The third bedroom is currently used as an office/playroom/craft room. We have a coat closet and closets in each of the bedrooms, which is nice. The biggest issue for us is storage since we don't have a basement. I am most certainly not a minimalist, but I do not collect and keep large amounts of things, either.

Soon, I'll give you a visual tour of each of our rooms and talk about how we use the space and what works and doesn't work for us.

Tell me about your home! How many people live there and how many bedrooms and baths do you have? Does it feel spacious or cramped or just right for your family?


Well, we have four bedrooms, a living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom/laundry room, and sunroom. The single bathroom does cause some issues which are sure to increase as all of these girls get older! LOL! We aren't sure what we are going to do about bedrooms long-term. It is still better than what I grew up with and we are blessed to have such a large home!
Becky G said…
I'm jealous of your 2nd bathroom! Our home is a very similar situation, but only 1 bathroom.
Keshet said…
Just found your blog through the Nester and looking forward to following your 31 days! Our house is 2600 square feet and we are 3 (soon to be 4) people. I worry sometimes that it won't carry us through since we hope to have a larger family, but we also have a 1600 square foot finished basement so that helps a lot. My biggest issue with the house is that the bedrooms are not all on the same floor as I would prefer, but I really do love it's charm and it has more space than I give it credit for sometimes!
I live in 1100 square feet too! 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms. It's a great amount of space for two people and a giant dog, but I would love to have another bedroom and bathroom someday!