Small Home Living: Hidden Storage Part 2

Today's post is another look at the living room, this time highlighting some storage and organization items!

We have a small tiled area right inside the front door and a decent sized coat closet. This desk is right after you pass that area. We've had it since we got married. We charge our phones and laptop here, store our mailing supplies, pens, etc. here. We put things we use often in the fabric basket (sunglasses, phone chargers, etc.). You'll see I use lots of these baskets. We sell them in the shop, too.

We put this tiny set of hooks right behind the front door. Anna's coats and bookbags hang here. It works because we only have one child and it is really convenient for her.

I stash our work and church bags here. They're tucked in so you can't see them too much, but ready to go when we leave the house.

We used to have two bookcases, but due to a recent cat situation, we only have one now. We're in the process of reorganizing and figuring out what we need and want to keep. Our library books, photo albums, art supplies, and many other things are found here. I keep large vases on top of the bookcase.

The outside of the TV cabinet again.

Here it is opened up. Our DVDs are in a fabric basket on top of the cabinet and we store blankets in the drawers.

So there you have it! How do you store things in your living room? Any great tips or ideas? I would love to hear!


We have some built-in cupboards and a large basket for blankets, but that is all the storage in our living room. The built in cupboards hold games, puzzles, Wii remotes, and scrapbooking things down below. Up above there are glass door cupboards that are very short and they hold the DVDs. There are open shelves in the middle because this separates the living room and family room. I never know how to decorate them.