Small Home Living: Handmade Touches

I took a look around Etsy to see what kinds of items I could find that mention small homes. I found some really pretty things and here are a few of my favorites!

This set of cards is so sweet! I love the artwork on them.

The quote on this pillow is great.

The colors and style of this print are so nice. Only $5 for an instant download.

Last but not least is this pretty painted sign.

Happy Sunday!!


We were at our friends' house yesterday and they have a sign that says "Our home may be little but God knows where we live." I thought it was cute! Their house is really tiny and they are outgrowing it even more come this spring, but they still extended hospitality to our large family and we all had a nice time. She made the biggest pan of lasagna I have ever seen and we couldn't all sit at the table, but that didn't matter. It really isn't the size of the house that matters. :)