Small Home Living: Decluttering

I didn't get a chance to get any photos today to continue the house tour, so I decided to address decluttering. When you live in a smaller space, it really is necessary to frequently evaluate the items that you have and get rid of anything that is unneccesary.

For us, decluttering is an ongoing process. We have a laundry tote in one of our closets that we use to put donation items in. When it gets full, we take a look at the items and decide how we are going to get rid of them. Typically, we take things to Goodwill, but sometimes we donate to our church's rummage sale. I have been filling and sending bags of clothes to thredUP * and getting a bit of money for them as well. I also sell books on Amazon and occasionally sell items on Ebay. We probably take a bag to Goodwill once a month on average.

For most areas of our home, we only need to maintain the area by decluttering when things get a little overwhelming. I go through my clothes and my daughter's roughly every 2-3 months and her toys and craft supplies as needed, probably once every 3 months or so as well.

How do you approach decluttering in your home? Is it an ongoing process or something you do annually?

*This link is my thredUP affiliate link. If you sign up through this link, you get $10 of your first order and I get a $10 credit. The three bags of clothes I've sent to them have netted a total of around $46.55. I have an additional bag pending.


I have yard sales... a lot ! I set up with different people. I have every thing super cheap. Some times I do 10 for $1 Sometimes a bag for x amount. Whatever I am in the mood for. If I know someone and they want something from the "stuff" they get it free and I tell them to see what else they can find.

The main purpose of a yard sale is to get rid of stuff and have a little money from it. Not a lot of cash and tons to pack up and take home.

My Dad always said "Remember, you put it out there because you didn't wnat it. Take whatever they offer you. Let them load it up"

Have a blessed day!

Decluttering is ongoiong here, too. I do go on really big binges sometimes, though. This summer we threw out 8 big garbage bags and took another 4 or so to Goodwill. Plus, I have quite a few boxes that I am planning to take to the local Pregnancy Care Center. My motto is "If it doesn't make you smile, it isn't worth your while." Corny, but effective. :)