Small Home Living: Curating Collections

In a small home, it's still possible to have collections of items that are meaningful to us. I think the key is making sure that we only keep the things we love and are willing to part with things that we don't love as much anymore. I think it also helps when we can use the items in our collections.

Over the last few years, I've gotten rid of some items that had been collected for me over my childhood. I've kept a couple Precious Moments and a few of the Holiday Barbies I was given over the years. My daughter has also enjoyed playing with some of the Barbies, too. It was hard for me to get rid of these things. I know they were purchased for me out of love, but I also know that it feels much better to only have a few pieces I really enjoy.

If you've read here before, you know that I decided to start collecting Pyrex a few months back. I love all the colors in Pyrex and have unearthed some really pretty dishes at various garage sales. You can see the state of my most recent collection in the photo above. My mom has really done well finding pieces lately. She tracked down the square turquoise dish and the blue snowflake divided dish above over the weekend for $1 each.

I won't be able to keep collecting Pyrex indefinitely. I only have so much room, so eventually, I'll need to choose which pieces to keep. I'm on the lookout for some pink Pyrex. If I find some, I'll be glad to sell a few other dishes to make room.

What do you collect? Do you find it hard to part with items in your collection or things that have been purchased for you?


Sewing Mom said…
I think I collect fabric! I have more of that than anything else. I like pottery too...but there are only sew many coffee mugs you can own. I have a few other pieces I've found at goodwill, a nice bowl, and a small pitcher, but I have to reign myself in, due to space constraints.

Your pyrex is nice...I have some pyrex, but nothing worth anything.
I have a few Willow Tree figurines that are special to me, but the kids have broken them. I give up. There is no point in collecting things until they grow up. I have some Boyd's farm animals and bears, but never got them back after last Christmas. I love your Pyrex collection! So practical!