Small Home Living: Cleaning

In addition to small homes being cozy, I also love that they take less time to keep clean! If we need to, it's possible to get the house completely clean in less than 2 hours. I am not a great housekeeper, but I do try to keep the house neat and tidy.

I don't have a house cleaning schedule, but I do have some regular routines that I use to keep the house from getting too messy. My husband is also a huge help with household chores. He typically runs the dishwasher every night and puts the dishes away in the morning before work. We also work together on laundry. He also cleans our bathrooms, too! I try to start a load every morning and he often folds a load of wash before work as well.

In the morning when I get up, I change the kitchen towels and take a walk through the house putting away things that are out of place. I go through our mail every day and try to decide right when I go through it what the keep, get rid of, and file.

When it comes to actually cleaning, we usually just need to dust and vacuum since we work to keep the house picked up. I am not great at the bigger house cleaning tasks. Every once in awhile, I participate in a monthly challenge so I can address things like wiping down baseboards, washing windows, etc. Money Saving Mom did a good challenge (with a checklist!) like this a few months back. I also printed out a list of fall house cleaning tasks from Clean Mama, but haven't really done many of them yet.

Any tips or tricks for cleaning you'd like to share? How long does it take you to clean your house?


Oh, it takes awhile here. AND, as soon as it is cleaned, it is messy within minutes. Sometimes, I will mop the floor before I leave to go somewhere just for the satisfaction of having it stay clean for a few hours! :)

Sorting the mail right away helps a lot. Getting the kids to help out is key, too. Each one has an assigned room to keep picked up and vacuumed and we rotate weekly.