Small Home Living: Changing Seasons


This is a view of my daughter's closet. We keep games, clothes, linens, swimwear and more in there. :)

One of the fall spring cleaning tasks on Clean Mama's list I mentioned the other day is to change out seasonal clothing. I did a big declutter and reorganization of my daughter's clothing prior to school. When I saw how chilly this week's weather forecast looked, I decided I need to make a fall clothing switch in her dresser.


I went through all the items and put anything that was still in good shape and that I thought would still fit next spring in her underbed storage. I traded short sleeve tops for long sleeve in her dresser and pulled out anything that needed to go to Goodwill. I also pulled out a small pile to take to our local consignment shop.

I also reorganized the dresses in her closet. I'm leaving the sleeveless ones in there. I'm hoping to convince her to layer some tops of them so she can keep wearing them this fall.

I also did a bit of switching in my closet. I put all my sandals up high and moved all my boots down to the floor.

How do you prepare your wardrobe for a new season?


Well, here it means pulling out the summer clothes and getting out the winter clothes from the totes in the storage shed and trying things on kids to see what fits. Then, I repeat it over and over and over! My son has enough room to keep all of his clothing in his dresser and closet. I switched the girls' clothes awhile ago, and then it got hot again! I never thought we would have 80s in October! I also left some sleeveless dresses out for those girls that didn't have many others and they can wear a cardigan over them. Tonight, we are finally going to look for black dress shoes for some of the girls and new jeans for the one that has sprouted long, gangly legs since August! Haha!