Book Review: What Once Was Lost by Kim Vogel Sawyer

I have been reading lots of good books lately, so here we go with a review of one of them!

What Once Was Lost by Kim Vogel Sawyer is the story of a young woman named Christina Willems. Christina oversees a home for the poor and cares for and thinks of the people there just like family. She is devastated when a fire makes the home unable to live in and must do what she can to find arrangements for the children and adults living in the home. It is especially difficult to find a place for a blind boy named Tommy Kilgore. The town's antisocial mill owner, Levi Jonnson, agrees to care for the boy temporarily while Christina tries to get the home repaired. Christina is surprised at all the challenges she encounters during this process and begins to be unsure about what will eventually happen to the poor farm and her "family".

I've read a number of books by Kim Vogel Sawyer and have enjoyed them. This book is no exception. The book held my attention and even had a bit more action and suspense than I anticipated. The message I took away from the book is that when we hold on too tightly to what we think should happen, we may miss out on the blessings and surprises that God has in store for us.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review; all opinions are my own.


I read this one too! It did have a very good message!