Monday Morning

Fall has definitely arrived here in Ohio! We had some hot weather at the end of last week, but after some rain the weekend was in the 50's and 60's. We're enjoying soccer and dance and playing outside over the weekend. I'm still adjusting to our new schedule (and not too well many days, I might add!).

I thought I'd share a round up of some things I've been reading and working on lately and see if you have any great articles, books, or really anything to share with me!
  • A few weeks ago, we took a trip to some gardens in a town around 45 minutes away. While we were there, we drove into their downtown area to find a coffee shop and walk around. We passed by a storefront and I had to turn around and take a closer look - you can see a picture above. Turns out, the storefront is the home of KPea Original. KPea makes gorgeous boutique style girls' dresses and accessories (and women's, too!). I am keeping an eye out for a KPea dress for my daughter. I love the look of their items and if you check out their Facebook page, they have a great mission and witness, too!
  • Blue Paper Lanterns posted a closet inventory this weekend, prompting me to do a quick one as well. My count, not including workout clothes, layering tanks, scarves, etc. was 189. As of this writing, I've gotten rid of 14 more items, bringing my current total to 175. It was really interesting to do and is going to be helpful to me in focusing in on specific wardrobe areas instead of buying the same things over and over. More coming on this in future posts!
  • I really enjoy reading Amy's blog and when she linked up to the post Septembering, a lot of it really resonated with me. Tell me I'm not alone with having mixed feelings about this time of year!
  • I received a catalog of books associated with the United Methodist Women's 2014 Reading Program. There were a lot of great titles on the list! One I'm thinking of reading soon is Awake - and a online discussion of the book started Friday, so I may buy the Kindle book and dive in.
  • I've been struggling to find much time to sew or craft, but I am hoping that will change soon! We got some fall decorations up this weekend, so I might share a few pictures yet this week.
Tell me about you! What are you reading, organizing, decluttering, creating, or thinking about? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

still being [molly]


I am still trying to make time to craft- it is tough this time of year and with a new baby I am super duper busy! I did a lot of canning and freezing last week (the whole family helped out a lot, too) so the fall decorations are still sitting in the sunroom waiting to be put up. My 5yo wants to help so I have to wait for her to get home. I promised. :)