Labor Day Yard Sale Fabric

We're excited to be linking up with Quiltville's Labor Day Yard Sale. We've got lots of fabric to list! Some is washed and some is unwashed, but I've tried to designate which is which. All prices include U.S. shipping, either First Class or Priority through USPS depending on weight. Payment is through PayPal. Please leave me a comment if you are interested or send me an email through the email address in my profile. I will check in periodically through the day and try to invoice by tomorrow. Thanks so much and happy shopping!!

Susan Winget Bundle - 2 pieces gold stripe animal fabric, 1st piece 1 yard, 2nd piece 35", 1 piece patchwork print 2 yards, $14.00 (unwashed)

Vehicle Print Susan Winget Fabric - 2 yards, $7.50 (unwashed) - SOLD!

Punctuation by American Jane Panel -  1 yard, $5.00 (washed) - SOLD!

 Potpourri Italian Cooking Panel by Grace Pullen - 23" by WOF, $5.00 (unwashed)

Autumn Scenic by Springs Creative - 2 pieces, 1st piece 21", 2nd piece 1 yard, $7.50 (unwashed) - SOLD!

Robert Kaufman North American Endandered Wildlife - 1 yard, Robert Kaufman Nature Studies - 54", $8.50 (unwashed)

Pink Pastel Patchwork, Scrolls, and Flowers - 1 yard patchwork print, 1 yard flowers and scrolls on pink, $7.00 (unwashed)

4 piece Tea themed fabric bundle - Red Mary Engelbreit approx. 27" by WOF, Pink, Black, and Grey approx. 18"x35" (Windham Tea for Two), Black, Pink, and Green Tea Cups approx. 21"x35" (Windham Tea for Two), Colorful Tea Pots on Grey-Green approx. 21" by 72", $10 (washed) - SOLD!

5 Piece Polka Dot bundle - Dark Blue with Purple and Aqua Dots 25"xWOF, Hot Pink Dot 1 yard, Blue with Multi Dots 30"x11", Olive Green Dot 33"x13", Aqua Dot 17"xWOF, $11.50 (washed) - SOLD!

 4 Piece Black, White, Tan, and Red bundle - White with Black and Tan 34"x26", Black with White and Tan 35"x30", Black and White Damask half yard, Red and White Damask 16", $11.50 (washed) SOLD!

6 Piece Novelty Bundle - Roosters 24"x34" (washed), Monkeys 21"xWOF (unwashed), Woodland Animals Patchwork 28"xWOF (unwashed), Dogs 19"x16" (washed), Sweet Treats 53"x 20" (washed), Cats 23"x19" (washed), $12.50

4 Piece Pink Floral - Large Tropical Flower 19"x20", Light Pink Floral 24"xWOF, Brown and Cream 17"x22", Black, Pink, and Green Floral 24"x30", $8.50 (washed)

2 Piece Green and Blue Prints - Green Paisley 21"xWOF, Teal Floral 21"xWOF, $7.00 (unwashed) - SOLD!

2 Piece Blue-Grey and Gold - Sunflower 17"xWOF, Blue-Grey 17"xWOF, $5 (unwashed)

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Panel - 22"x WOF, $4.50 (washed)


Leslie T said…
Hi there, I would like the Punctuation material and the Tea time material. Please let me know if it is still available.
Leslie Trumm
Aliceart said…
I sent you an email hoping for the white/red, white/tan/black, etc. bundle. Hope to hear from you later. Thanks!
Terri said…
Hi Carly - I sent an e-mail requesting some of your fabrics. Thanks - Terri