Late Summer and Early Fall 2013 Wishlist

Fall 2013 Wishlist

Fall 2013 Wishlist by gracenote30 

Back to school time always makes me start looking at and thinking about fall clothes! I've always loved fall clothes, especially sweaters and the darker, richer colors. I've been thinking about what pieces I am going to be looking for in the next couple months and I came up with a mini wishlist. I'd love to find some of these pieces at Goodwill, but time will tell!

1. Black Blazer - I need a black blazer or cardigan. I haven't had one in my wardrobe for awhile and I know it would be worn all the time.  

2. Jewel-Toned Tee - Colored tees are so versatile and I could definitely use one or two new colors.

3. Colored Cardigan - I love cardigans and think I'd get a lot of wear out of a burgundy one.

4.  Solid Colored Skirt - The shape, draping, and color of this skirt are really pretty and seems like it could  be worn in many ways.

5. Olive Skinnies - I'd love black, tan, or olive skinnies to wear with flats and boots!

6. Print Dress - I have been looking for a print dress (unsuccessfully) for a few months. I like the flowers and colors in this one and think it would be easy to wear in four seasons. 

7. Oxford Shoes - I've been looking for oxfords since the spring and am hoping to find a pair this season!

Any items you're looking for this fall? 

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