Back to School Clothing Haul from Kohl's

I've mentioned that I have a girl starting Kindergarten in a couple of weeks! We purchased most of her school supplies already but there are so many cute clothes in the stores right now!

My mom wanted to buy Anna a back to school outfit - a tradition my Grandma did with me for many years. We went to a couple of stores at the mall and found a cute outfit - leggings, skirt, and top - which we purchased. The outfit cost over $35, which we both thought was expensive.

I spent some time looking through my daughter's wardrobe that afternoon and took a bunch of photos of potential school outfits. We're trying to remix her clothes, too, so we identified a few things that she needed (solid leggings and skorts, and a pink tee) to help make some more outfits. I'm still deciding if I'll print out the pictures and put them in an album for her to look at or if having them in a file folder on the computer desktop will work.

We headed out to Kohl's that evening with our $10 off $25 children's apparel coupon in hand. We found exactly what we were looking for at amazingly good prices! We purchased the following 9 pieces which included a full outfit from Grandma and Grandpa:
  • black skort
  • hot pink skort
  • hot pink leggings
  • purple leggings
  • green leggings
  • hot pink tee
  • leopard leggings
  • leopard skort
  • peach tee with leopard design
Total cost after $10 coupon and 15% off? $31.50! You can bet the first outfit will be going back to the store! The best part is, the items all work with pieces she already has and will take lots of her dresses and skirts into fall!

Are you back to school shopping? How do you handle school clothes shopping for your kids?


Sewing Mom said…
How cute! Thankfully I do not have to worry about that anymore...we used to have to buy not much fun there either. =)