What I Wore: Thrifted

I've been getting some use out of some newly thrifted pieces and wearing them with some old favorites, too!

Skirt: Banana Republic (Goodwill), Chambray: Kohl's, Sandals: Born, Earrings: Avon, Necklace: Dayspring
This was my 4th of July outfit. Super comfy!

Silky Tank: Chicos (Goodwill), Jeans: Gap (Goodwill), Bronze Flats: White Mountain (Goodwill), Necklace and Earrings: Avon, Bracelet: Shabby Apple

With the exception of jewelry, I realized this outfit is completly thrifted! I wore this for my Sunday in the church nursery.

T-Shirt: Target, Jeans: Elle via garage sale, Sandals: Payless, Scarf: Made by me (any interest in seeing these in the shop?)

If you have a second, I'd love it if you'd stop by and vote for my look in the Chippmunk Expert Shopper contest. Just click on the "Love It" button. Thanks so much!

I'm linking up!

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I really love all three of these! At first the first one was my favorite but now I'm really loving how you stepped outside the box and paired the pink stripe scarf with the green tee. It's amazing how great those two colors look together! I really love this. Thanks for the inspiration and for linking up again. ; )
Regine Karpel said…
You look great!
Love your thrift finds!
Abby Barnhart said…
love that scarf and green tee together! thanks for linking up with dress for the day!