Influenster Colgate Total Mouthwash VoxBox Review

Recently, I signed up for Influenster, a fun community for sharing opinions on a variety of products and more. Not long after signing up, I was contacted that I was going to receive the Colgate Total Mouthwash VoxBox. I was pretty excited to receive my box and give this product a try!

In the past, I haven't been a big mouthwash user. Most mouthwashes burn and make my eyes water, so using them isn't a very pleasant experience.

I received the Colgate Total Mouthwas in Peppermint Blast to try. The mouthwash packaging explains some of its benefits including:
  • 12-hr protection against germs
  • Freshens breath
  • No burn of alcohol
When I gave the mouthwash a try, I found that it actually didn't burn! I could swish for the recommended amount of time and the product was great to use. It left my mouth feeling fresh and clean. I usually don't prefer peppermint flavor, but I liked the taste of this mouthwash as well. I can definitely see purchasing this mouthwash again and would recommend it!

I received this mouthwash from Influenster to review; all opinions are my own.


Sewing Mom said…
I use Listerine ZERO in Clean doesn't burn kids can use it, because there is no alcohol in it. =)

Thanks for this review.