My favorite part of my garden this time of year is all of my daylilies. We started planting them 4-5 years ago and I usually choose one or two new ones each year. Plus, they need to be divided every few years, so they continue to take up a growing portion of our summer landscaping. Here are some pictures of my daylilies!


Thanks for taking a walk around our yard with me!
What flowers are blooming in your garden right now?


Cherilyn said…
Beautiful! Day Lilies are one of my favorites too.
Kaylee said…
Beautiful! My two biggest clumps of day lilies are plain yellow, like the ones in your second picture. Right now I also have some beebalm, cone flower, liatris, zinnias, and calla lilies all blooming. I think this is the best time of year for flowers in the northern states.
These are really pretty! I have a lot of daylilies, too, but I haven't been out to weed that flowerbed in a looooong time. I think they might be getting choked out. :(
Sewing Mom said…
They're beautiful!
beautiful...ours are blooming too. :0)