What I Wore: 7x7 Remix

Last week, Audrey at Putting Me Together posted about a 7x7 remix that she was going to participate in at Ma Nouvelle Mode. I thought it sounded like a fun challenge, so I decided to try it and link up. It was really hard to pick my 7 items, especially since the 7 choices had to include shoes. I played around with a variety of different combinations, but ultimately had to make a few last minute changes because it has been so chilly here! The beginning of the week barely made it above 60 and it was gray and dreary most of the time. I also decided to actually wear these pieces for 7 days in a row (not sure if we were supposed to or not), so I had to think about how many work/casual outfits I needed.

Here are the 7 pieces I decided on:

7x7 Items June 2013

1. 3/4 Sleeve Yellow Striped Knit Shirt (Elder-Beerman)
2. Chambray Shirt (Croft and Barrow)
3. Lilac T-Shirt (Merona via ThredUp)
4. Gray Textured Ankle Pants (Mossimo)
5. Black Tiered Skirt (Nicole for JCPenney via garage sale for $0.75)
6. Dark Denim Jeans (Gap via Goodwill)
7. Black Peep Toe Shoes (Payless)
Here are the outfits!

Day 1: Chambray Shirt + Black Skirt + Black Peep Toes
I added the scarf, belt, and bracelet for some extra color.

Day 2: Yellow Striped Shirt + Gray Pants + Black Peep Toes
I wore the scarf for warmth (as well as for the color) and added a bracelet and earrings in purple and gold. I was exhausted by the time we took this photo! This outfit was really comfy and warm enough for lots of running around at work as well as for home.

Day 3: Chambray Shirt + Dark Denim Jeans + Black Peep Toes
This was the first time I've ever worn chambray with denim. I think it worked pretty well since the shirt is so much lighter than the jeans. The necklace I added is one of my favorites. It has lots of different beads in a variety of colors.

Day 4:  Lilac T-Shirt + Dark Denim Jeans + Black Peep Toes
Can you tell I love scarves?? :) I definitely was glad to have lots of different scarves during this challenge. It was cool enough to wear them and they helped me feel like my outfits looked different by adding them to various combinations.

Day 5: Chambray Shirt + Gray Textured Pants + Black Peep Toes
I wore this outfit to church. Nothing too fancy, but it was comfortable and polished. I added the bubble necklace and earrings which helped dress it up a bit.

Day 6: Yellow Striped Shirt + Dark Denim Jeans + Black Peep Toes
I decided to roll/cuff the jeans on this day since it was a little warmer, and I like how they look. I added a turquoise necklace and earrings plus a colorful bracelet to finish this outfit.

Day 7: Lilac T-Shirt + Black Tiered Skirt + Black Peep Toes
Last day! I wore this outfit for lots of programs at work. I like the length of this skirt. It is feminine but easy to move around in and works when I have to get down on the floor with the kids. I feel like this outfit needed a different accessory or something, but it worked fine.

7x7 Remix Outfits

My favorite looks were days 1, 4, and 5. I did like the look of the cuffed jeans on day 6.
The Verdict/What I Learned:
-This was harder than I expected, but doable! I got up on Day 4 and really wanted to give up, but I am glad I decided to finish out the seven days.
-It was really easy to get ready since I didn't have too many choices!
-Wearing only one pair of shoes really bugged me. Silly, I know, but I like shoes!
-I relied heavily on scarves and jewelry to change up the looks. These accessories get a lot of use for me and are a good use of my clothing budget.
-I'd like to get a couple of pieces with multiple colors - a skirt with a floral print that matches a lot of my tops or a top with a print that has lots of colors. These pieces would be versatile and add some color to my wardrobe.
-If I try this again, I'd like to try a colorful pair of pants or a print skirt to add some interest. The dark denim pants and gray ankle pants look really similar. I stuck to basics this time and I think more color and pattern would be fun in the future! I think choosing 15 pieces for a couple of weeks might be a good challenge, too, but with a little more variety.
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Great job mixing things up! :)
Jenni said…
Good mixing and matching! Thanks for sharing! :)
Great job remixing! Love the boyfriends!
You did a great job! I love the chambray top with jeans - I felt really weird the first time I wore jean on jean, but I have gotten more used to it!

I thought the 7x7 challenge was really fun too! I definitely learned that a cute necklace can really change a look up!
Yay, Carly! I think you did a great job accessorizing all of your outfits. And I also like how you cuffed your jeans, like you said, to change things up a little. Lastly, I love all of your reflections at the end and how it helped you see your closet!
Valerie said…
Love your outfits...and I've said it before...I love Payless! Those wedges are adorable!
Franziska said…
the second to last outfit is my favorite - pulled together but cute and casual. I love seeing how everyone pulled looks together!
Abby Barnhart said…
love the cuffed jeans on you! such a fun challenge!

thanks for linking up with dress for the day!!
Jackie said…
Hey Carly! What a fun challenge. I like the yellow shirt you picked. It infused a nice shot of color through your outfits. Great job.
Lauren ONeill said…
Great job on the remix! Number 1 is my favorite too :)

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