May 2013 Clothing Purchases

My purchases in May have been kind of strange. Several "misses" - things that didn't fit that I needed to take back or sell for various reasons. I got a great deal on some leather Target flats ($4.36 after coupon), but they ended up not fitting me, so I sold them. The black skirt from last month didn't fit, so that is in a bag to be sold. I also had a bit of a disaster with some new running shoes and they were returned as well. Sigh.

So, what did I spend my money on? :)

May Purchases and Budget

  • Blue gingham shirt - $3 (garage sale)
  • Kohl's patriotic tee - $2.11
  • Green skinny jeans - $12.78 (Kohl's)
  • Rain boots - $10.54 (Target)
  • Express gray cropped pants - $3 (garage sale)
  • Gray blazer - $2.83 (Goodwill)
  • Long Dark Red Necklace - $5 (A Tad Monroe)
  • Red Banana Republic Skirt - (Goodwill, purchased with gift certificate)
Total: $39.26
I also got some New Balance 890 running shoes and the floral scarf and boat shoes pictured above were Mothers' Day gifts. I'm not including these items in my monthly budget.

I also made myself 2 new tops and a skirt. At this point, I'm not including handmade expenses in my clothing budget, but am taking them from my "fabric" envelope. If I continue to make myself clothes, I may shift this around and take fabric and supply costs from my clothing budget.

For June, my goal is going to be to sew up a couple more handmade items that I already have purchased fabric to make and try and stick to thrifting (I still have around $15 in gift certificates to Goodwill!) and garage sales. One exception would be for sandals. I am looking for a couple of print dresses, a pair or two of capris or shorts, and a couple of dressier sleeveless blouses.

How did you do this month with clothing shopping?

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with growing kids in the house...I don't have a clothing budget, lol. I get what they need as we go, and I try not to gain weight so I can keep wearing the same stuff I've had for years. (actually, shopping for clothes or food is not my forte. but get me into an arts and craft store...and all restraint is out the window). :0)