Skincare Favorites

Skincare Favorites

Skincare Favorites by gracenote30 featuring avon beauty products

I have very sensitive skin, so over the years, it has consistently been difficult to figure out what products to use that will not irritate my skin and make other skin issues worse. I've settled on a very simple skincare routine as you can see above

1. I wash with Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin in the morning and evening. I am crossing my fingers that this doesn't get discontinued or reformulated. I have used this for many years.

2. In the last year, I decided to add a product that addresses a few age-related skincare issues that I have been facing. Since I sell Avon, I use many of their products because they are easy for me to get and try, and products can be returned if they do not work the way you'd like. This Reversalist Renewal Serum is a really nice product. I use it at night before bed. It is pricy ($34 regular price), but is on sale fairly often and lasts a long time - approximately. 2-3 months. (This is not an affiliate link, just a direct link to the product on Avon's web site.)

3. The last thing I use is this Eucerin Daily Protection Lotion with SPF 30 each morning. Our family has a history of skin cancer, plus I am very fair, so I know this is an essential product for me to use.  This lotion is moisturizing but not greasy and doesn't break me out. It absorbs quickly, too, which is nice when applying makeup afterwards.

I've thought about adding an eye cream, but haven't looked too much for one. Simple is definitely best for me. What skincare products do you use regularly?  

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My skin is very sensitive and I haven't found anything that works very well for me. Consistency seems to be the most important thing, so anytime I make a change or just collapse with exhaustion without washing my face before bed I break out.