Friday Coffee Date: First Video!

I've been wanting to try putting a video up on the blog after seeing lots of others, so here is my first one! There are definitely some glitches - the sound cuts out at the end and you can hear some giggles from my assistant. My little miss did get to make her own video after mine was done. :) I'm just sharing a little about my week and would like to hear about your week, too!

If you're interested in the Spring Color Challenge, you can check it out at Literate and Stylish and The Modern Austen.

And here's the song I mentioned:

I'd love to hear about your Friday and what your weekend plans are!

I'm linking up to Coffee Date Friday at Rags to Stitches.


That was so fun! :)

Don't be too intimidated by sewing clothing. I am sure you will do a great job!!

Happy Anniversary, too!