April 2013 Clothing Purchases

April 2013 Clothing Purchases

April 2013 Clothing Purchases by gracenote30 featuring purple scarves

I ended up buying quite a bit this month! Good news is, I got some good deals and purchased a number of things on my list. 

Here's the breakdown:
1. Lauren Conrad Initial Necklace - Kohl's: $1.36
2. Black Dockers Dress Pants - Kohl's: $15.00 (reg $44.00)
3. Gold Hoops - Avon: $2.75
4. Dark Red Kylie Wedge Heels - Payless: $9.59 (reg. $26.99)
5. Black and Navy Wrap Style Dresses - Target: $13.33 (return from online purchase - reg. $24.99 each)
6. Purple Bracelet - Avon: $3.84
7. Orange and Purple Running Tees - Target: $6.40 (reg. $9.99 each, on sale for $6 each minus $3 off coupons)
8. Purple Scarf - Target: $4.77
9. Redeemed Necklace - Dayspring: $5.58 (reg. $16.99)   
10. Black Downeast Basics Skirt, Lilac Merona Tee, Tan Striped Emma James Blazer - thredUp: $2.94 total for all three items*

April Total: $68.41

*I first used thredUp a month or two ago for my daughter. Basically, it is like an online consignment shop - you can buy and sell. I was really pleased with the items I got for my daughter. They had announced that a Women's shop was opening soon and yesterday was the day! I had $30 in referral credits, so I was able to get all three items above for the cost of shipping. There are some things about the site that I don't love - it takes a long time to navigate through the items and they don't list material, washing instructions, inseams, etc. With the promotions, I have gotten some great deals, though and am hopeful these items will work for me. If you want to sign up, here is my referral link. You get $10 off your first order (and it looks like there is a free shipping code for a first order - I think you can combine the two.) and I will earn $10 toward a future order.

I'm excited I got several items from my list this month. I'm thinking about trying to mainly thrift in May - Goodwill and garage sales. I have a $20 gift certificate to our Goodwill from participating in March madness. The exception would be shoes. I am looking for boat shoes. I thought about these metallic ones (they're out of my size now), but don't know if I should hold out for Sperry's. What do you think?

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