After our floor project, we are still moving things back and changing the locations of various items. We had a china cabinet that was basically sitting empty in our garage and we weren't sure we were going to move it back into the kitchen. I told my husband that if I could fill it with a collection of Pyrex, I would like to move it back in. So, I decided to see if I could get my collection moving in the right direction!

I had a few Pyrex pieces including this Amish Butterprint Cinderella bowl from my grandparents. I also purchased the Flamingo pink pie plate shown in the pic from a local person who I found through Etsy.

I decided to contact her again and she had a set of Verde Cinderella bowls (shown in the first picture) and a Blue Horizon casserole dish available, so I bought them! I love the lid on this dish!

This is the top of the cabinet now! Obviously, it is a small collection, but I love the way it looks together. We even found the Town and Country casserole dish at Goodwill Saturday night for $1.69! Pyrex is definitely on my Goodwill and garage sale list for this spring and summer!

Do you collect Pyrex or anything else? Leave me a comment about your favorites in your collection!

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Sewing Mom said…
Love your collection. I don't collect pyrex, but I've seen it being sold around for some hefty prices. I think goodwill is the way to go. =) Have fun growing your collection.
We sold so much of this stuff for cheap at yard sales! An older man used to come bright and early to scarf everything up and we thought it was strange. Oops! I do have a set of mushroom bowls that were my mom's (and I think they are ugly!)
they look great! I'm planning on starting my Pyrex collection after my kitchen make over. I like your taste...heehee