Sunday School Roundup: Story of the 10 Lepers

 I teach the children's Sunday School class at our church once a month and coordinate the teachers for the other weeks. I thought it would be fun to share some of the lessons and ideas I use when I teach.

First, a little background. The kids at our church at young. Our age span for Sunday School is 2 1/2 to 6 and we typically have anywhere between 2 and 6 kids on a Sunday morning. The first curriculum book we chose for this year didn't work well for our age group but we recently purchased Explore Bible Stories: 52 Bible Lessons for Ages 4-6. It is much better for young children - lots of songs, activities that allow kids to get up and move, and simple crafts. We've used it for 2 months and all the teachers really seem to like it.

I use the curriculum book as the basis for my lesson, but I always like to add some extra things - crafts, songs, etc. This week's lesson was about the story of the 10 lepers and the importance of being thankful. I found some really cute things to go along with this lesson.

We used 10 Little People to represent the 10 lepers and the kids liked playing with them, too!

We are looking for a fun DVD of children's Sunday School music to play each week. Any recommendations? Leave me a comment!


Carly - I am not sure if they are available anymore, but Music Machine and Agapeland were always favorites with youngsters when I was involved in Children's church.

Here is a link to one:

They are cds, though, not dvds.
Sewing Mom said…
It looks like you did an amazing job for your class. I've been a Sunday school teacher for many years and I always love seeing the creativity of others. I'm sure that putting bandaids on that heart will help them to remember that Jesus heals hearts for a long while! =) Thanks for sharing.
Those are such cute ideas! I don't have any dvd ideas for you, though. Good luck!
Heidi @ ABCJLM said…
Thank you so much for sharing ABC Jesus Loves Me on your blog. I wanted to let you know that the link that you have posted as changed and I wanted to ask if you would please change it to

Thank you - Heidi
Unknown said…
This is a perfect craft for my class this Sunday! It's the Sunday before Valentine's and we happen to be teaching on Jesus healing the paralytic. I wanted the kids to see that Jesus healed the man's heart first by forgiving his sins and his body second. Thank you for the idea!
If you haven't found any music DVDs yet, our kids love any of the DVDs from the Go Fish Guys and from Seeds Family Worship.