Show and Tell Tuesday: Chairs

We only got one of our kitchen stools recovered, but I love how they are going to look! Oh, and I say we, but my awesome husband was the one who worked on these for me. :)

I wanted to try laminated fabric so it would be easy to wipe and keep clean. The fabric on the stools already looked kind of bad and we haven't had them long. I got 2 yards of this laminated Amy Butler Lark fabric and it is so pretty!

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Sewing Mom said…
That's lovely Carly...the fabric is cute too. I've covered chairs's work, but definitely worth it in the end. =)
Dee said…
Awesome! This looks so good! Hooray for you!
Mareenchen said…
Awesome choice and what a difference it makes!
Stash Avalanche said…
Much nicer than the original!
Dree said…
Love it! A perfect use of that fabric, it is so pretty.
Jeanette said…
So much fun! They look way better than the stores version!
Looks great! You did a fantastic job!!! I tried to recover very old chairs before, but it turned out they had already been recovered many times, and eventually the chairs themselves fell apart! I should have started with sturdier chairs. :)

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