Saving and Earning: An Update

When I started out blogging, I thought I might end up as a frugal living/deal hunting blogger. I love personal finance! I quickly learned that I much prefer sharing about lots of different things including fashion, sewing, and more. I still approach things from a frugal perspective and I love the concept of having lots of little streams of income set up. Nothing too big, but a lot of my crafting and shopping hobbies are supported by ways that I have found that I can earn an extra little bit of cash. We also save for gifts and Christmas through these methods.

Today was an interesting day because I received a bit of money from a couple of these sources, so I thought I'd share a quick update about what I am still doing. This is in addition to my regular part-time job, Etsy shop, and online scoring that I do. Oh, and some of these links may be referral links, but most are not. :)

1. Pinecone Research - This is the only survey company that I participate in. Complete a survey, get a $3 check. I earned $57 last year doing Pinecone surveys. I don't know if they are currently taking new members, but they pay very dependably and quickly.
2. Consignment Store - I tried this in the fall and have mixed feelings about it. I took some girls' clothes and bedding to a local store and I finally got my first check today. I had to have $5 to get a check and I stayed at $4.99 for several months. Today I finally had $9.99 after selling a toddler bedding set. This is much easier than Ebay, but I think I make more with Ebay and more consistently as well.
3. Selling Gold - I have done this at our mall a couple of times. Today I got $6 for a couple of those really, really thin chains that come with pendants that you get at the stores. Several months ago, I sold a gold hoop that I no longer had the match for.
4. Bing Rewards - I found this through Money Saving Mom last fall. I like it better than Swagbucks, because I think it is easy to search and earn a $5 reward each month. Usually I pick an Amazon gift card, but this month I did a $5 Starbucks gift card.
5. Ebay - I have scaled back on this a lot - mostly by buying less, but we just listed a small batch of items this afternoon. I have pretty good luck selling my daughter's clothes on Ebay and usually can make a few dollars on things I no longer wear as well.
6. Ebates - I always forget to shop through Ebates, but we are supposed to have a check coming this month from remembering to shop through Ebates after Christmas!

Do you do anything to earn a bit of extra money? I'd love to hear about them!


the best way I have found to save money is....stay home! lol