What I Wore: Winter

It's been a funny winter around here...lots of up and down! This week I have one work look and one casual look. Notice the snow in the first pictures...and that it is gone in the second set. :)

Shirt & Boots: Target, Trouser Jeans: Worthington (GW), Scarf & Cardigan: Kohl's

Bracelet: Target

Earrings: Avon
Jeans: Mossimo (GW), Shirt: Meijer, Scarf: Kohl's, Shoes: Payless

I learned a new way to tie my scarf!! Here's the woven scarf knot tutorial from Sidewalk Ready.

Purple shoes were only $1.50 after BOGO at Payless!

What's the weather like where you are? How is it impacting your daily style?

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Nikita said…
cute outfits! Up and down weather.. several days of nice 70+ temps with a cold 50 with some wind and rain thrown in then right back up to 60's 70's.. seems almost spring like here in Tx.
The weather is totally inconsistent here! I like the way you tied your scarf- I will have to check it out!