What I Wore: Style on a Budget

If you've read here before, you know I am all about finding good deals! I thought it would be fun to break down the cost on some of my outfits, just to show that it is possible to put together outfits on the cheap!

The two outfits I wore this week definitely fit the bill!

Please excuse the goofy expression and not great light. ;)
This outfit is mostly from Kohl's! Chambray shirt: Kohl's ($8.80 purchased with gift card last year), Green skirt: Kohl's ($3.20 on clearance), Boots: Target ($8.75), Necklace: JCPenney ($2), Earrings: Target ($3), Bracelet: Gift

Total cost for this outfit: $25.75, not including the bracelet and tights

Here's another outfit that is a mix of clearance and thrifted finds.

Skinny jeans: Goodwill, DKNY ($5), Plaid shirt: Kohl's ($3), Mustard Flats: Target ($6), Earrings and Bracelet: Avon ($8 or so - these are old!), Vest: Gift

Total cost: Around $22 not including the vest and the tank I am wearing under the flannel

Both outfits were under $30 each! Target and Kohl's are a couple of my favorites for finding good deals. Target is awesome for finding accessories and shoes for a great price. I am not finding as much at Goodwill these days, but that is because I am being much more particular about what I buy and my list is definitely smaller. Both pairs of skinny jeans I wear regularly are from Goodwill as well as several other items.

I'm hoping to share some more "style on a budget" posts in the future, with a few other tips that work for me, but I'd love to hear about some of your "go-to" places for getting stylish pieces for a great price!

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It is hit or miss at our Target- lately I walk by the 70% off rack and think "No wonder! This stuff is ugly!"

Your outfits look great! I don't seem to have much of a sense of style. It is hard for me to put an outfit together.
Sewing Mom said…
Wow Carly...the outfits look great...and the second is very youthful! Looks fun and warm.

I don't shop at Khol's simply because I don't ever think to go in there...I have decent luck at our goodwill store, so haven't ever had a need, but you really get some nice stuff there. =)

Have a great Wednesday!
Deirdre said…
I too love frugality and Target...most of the time! And those owls! So cute...you might like to link up on my other blog- Ladies Holiday. We have a Friday Hop and would love for you to join us!