What I Wore: Cozy

Plaid Shirt - Sonoma ($3.50), Cardigan - Sonoma ($10), Cords - LOFT (GW, $5),
Cowl - Marie's Crochet Corner (Etsy $15), Earrings - Avon ($4.50) Boots - Target ($9) Total: $47
Last week, Mandy at This Girl's Life gave a little background about why she does "What I Wore" posts. I thought I might do something similar this week. Around 2 years ago, I was really dissatisfied with my wardrobe. I had a terrible time getting ready in the morning, to the point where I would take 20-25 minutes and end up calling my husband in tears. This was a terrible way to start my day and with a 3 year old at that time, it made everything more stressful.  I resolved to take care of this problem. It was sapping me of energy and confidence and left me feeling really discouraged. I had always enjoyed clothes, so  this was definitely not like me. I really think the transition and difficulty started after I became a mom.

I started reading lots of blogs about wardrobes and creating outfits. I also started figuring out my style and what types of clothing worked for my life - a combination of working outside the home and taking care of my daughter. I cleaned out and got rid of lots of clothes - all the things that weren't working, weren't quite right, etc. It was hard to do and I felt bad, but it was so much better to be left with a few good choices than a bunch of not good choices.

I also found that I didn't have a good foundation of basic items, so I've been working at building a wardrobe full of mix and match core pieces. I keep a running list of pieces I am looking for and try hard to stick with it. I've also discovered the magic of accessories! So for me, participating in What I Wore on a regular basis serves several purposes for me -

1. It holds me accountable and gives me motivation to keep putting together fun new outfits.
2. I love getting inspiration from others and look forward to reading the other link ups each week.
3. I strive to put together modest outfits that are still cute and put together on a budget!
4. It's enjoyable and I like to be creative in this way!

That's why I participate! If you blog about your outfits, do you have a specific reason or reasons why? I'd love to hear; leave me a comment!

I'm linking up to What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy!

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Nikita said…
Thanks for this post! I find my self in that position now, mom of two, I use to enjoy clothes putting things together... now it's a big stress it seems like to get ready.. to the point that I'm like forget..I'll jsut stay at home..which is what I do everyday anyway with my children,so to skip out on the few times I go out during the week for clothes bothered me.. so I am now trying to build a wardrobe that is functional for me.
You do look cozy!

I love seeing how you can put a cute outfit together for cheap! Great job, as always!
Reading personal style blogs helped me a lot too especially when putting up my outifts!

Oh plaids, they´re going to be big this spring and you wore them well. :)