Valentine Decor

Normally, I don't decorate too much for Valentine's Day, but my little girl has been asking to decorate, so over the long weekend, I got a few supplies to make a few pretty Valentine decorations.

First up is this canvas with fabric hearts. I saw the idea originally at Quilt Story. It cost about $3.50 in supplies for the canvas, paint, and foam brushes. I already had Mod Podge and lots of fabric! Anna and her daddy painted the canvas and arranged and glued the hearts.

Next up is this cute mason jar. Amy from MomAdvice linked to the idea here in her article talking about using Goodwill finds to decorate. I used a spaghetti sauce jar that I kept because it had a really cute shape, a paper doily, a felt heart, and some red and white baker's twine. We are using it to hold a candle.

Here is our tulle wreath. I used 3 spools of tulle (15 yards on each spool, $1.50 or so each after coupon) and a foam wreath form ($3). I cut each piece of tulle at around 16" and tied each one on the wreath form. 

I don't have a picture of our last project, but Anna really wanted to make a paper chain. So we made a heart shaped paper chain and it is on her miniature pink tinsel Christmas tree in her room.

Here's a photo of the whole Valentine display - it is on the top of a large wooden filing cabinet we have. I found the bird houses at a garage sale and leave those up year round. I also love the little silver owl - it was an after Christmas clearance purchase at Target.

We might do a few more Valentine projects, but this will be most of it. We had a lot of fun and it used up some supplies we had on hand!

How much decorating do you do for Valentine's Day? Any favorite ideas?

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Kelli said…
I'm in love with the wreath Carly, and everything else is super cute, too! My son is obsessed with St Patrick's Day this year, so we'll be doing some projects for that. Haven't done any for Valentine's Day yet. You have some great ideas! xo
Everything looks lovely!
I started a really special Valentine decorating project, but with so much sickness going around this house I never got to finish it. I was going to do the same thing with a blue Ball jar that is holding lighted branches, but my paper doilies are too big. I want to try to finish things this weekend, though!
I love the wreath too!

I have decorations for every holiday, although I don't always get them out! LOL

I even have bowl fillers for Valentine's Day in my etsy shop this year. I rarely make many decorations to sell other for Christmas.

My new thing for this year is if they don't sell before the holiday, give them as a gift. I am keeping that in mind as I make them too.

One of my favorite Valentine's decorations is a red wash cloth. (yep a bath rag) that I have glued a stiffed Valentine;s bear too and used lace salvage from a piece of clothing that was worn out. The lace is sewn over the red rag and that bear sits on it. I use that on my covered from porch on a small table.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nicole said…
I love the candle wrapped in a doily! Cute!