Here's this afternoon's little to-do list. On the docket? Organizing closets, folding laundry, some Etsy shop work, and making biscuits for dinner.

What are you up to this Monday afternoon??


Anita said…
We finished homeschool, I went to visit a church member at the hospital, corrected papers, had I'm getting ready for a 6 week study on Proverbs & Ecclesiastes, that my hubby will be teaching. =) I guess it's my break for the day.

Hope you had a good one!
Kelli said…
Ugh. I need to do all of the household chores, too.. but just want to play with my sewing machine. ;) Looking forward to picking my son up from KG in about an hour. Happy Monday! Love your to-do tablet, so cute!
Well, poor little Grace got sick, so I tended to her a lot and she was wanting to be held. Luckily, I had supper in the crock pot and didn't have to worry about that! When she was napping, Lydia "helped" me baste a quilt and I started hand quilting. We went outside and played a few times, too- trying to soak up some sunshine while it lasted!