Office Organization

I always like to organize, but after Christmas, I am always ready to spend some time weeding through things and putting things in order. My husband was kind enough to work with me on some office organization recently. Nothing drastic, but we got rid of extra supplies, sorted through pens, and put things into containers.

Here are some before, during, and after pics:

Before - It's a small drawer and we had 3 rulers in there!

Lots of Sharpies!

It's always nice to have a kitty helper. :)

Drawer after!

New little notebook from Target Dollar Spot and I used a painted canning jar for pens and pencils.

Sharpies and my paper "inbox"

Another desk - my mom made the bin. More in the shop.

Other desk drawer.

Just some little tweaks and the office area feels much better! I'm linking up:

Organizing Homelife


Great job! It looks so clean and tidy!!! I need a lot more than a little tweaks! I sorted all of my stuff onto piles, but then the girls started using my desk and mixed everything up. So, today I will start over. I might even get brave enough to take a "before" picture! :)
Anonymous said…
I love seeing all of your creations scattered about...the baskets...mug rug...hoop art. =)

I have been re-organizing too. It's something I do often.

Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
What a great job you did on your space
ScrappyScribe said…
Love your blog name. So nice to meet you. Blessings for 2013.