Kitchen Organization

Well, I didn't make it in time to enter the Week #2 organizing challenge, but I did complete this week's task. I decided to tackle the mess of recipes that you see above. :) At first, I wanted to buy a new binder or system or something to make this pile of papers pretty. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I came home to look around on Pinterest and to see what supplies I already had.

I found some fabulous inspiration at Prudent Baby and I Heart Organizing and ended up using a printable I found at Wild Olive.

Here's what I did and the supplies I used. I found a nice view binder (1 1/2", I believe) that I already had. I sorted through all the recipes I had, cut them down to a smaller size, and sorted them into categories. I had a ton of sheet protectors left over from creating different projects during undergrad and grad school that I had been saving for...something. This was the project! I also had some nice dividers that had pockets attached. I put all the recipes into sheet protectors, then placed them in their respective sections in the binder.

I used the dividers to create a list of all the recipes included in each section. The nice thing about this system is it will be simple to add more pages and to add the new recipes to the list in each section. I put the pocket dividers at the back of each section as a place to hold new recipes.

I finished the binder off with a piece of cute cooking themed scrapbook paper I already had, and voila! Finished! Grand total of nothing spent! I am excited to see if this works for us as well as I think it will. It was fun looking through the recipes and remembering some good ones I need to try again soon.

How do you organize your recipes?

I'm linking to Take It on Tuesday at Romance on a Dime!


Anita said…
A lot of my favorite recipes from over the years are thrown into a file folder and put inside my filing cabinet. I do refer back to them, but they are quite the mess. I like your oranization...I'm just not sure I want to tackle that job any time soon. =)
Very nice! I have a recipe basket that I use, but it could use some tweaking.
Betsy Pool said…
I don't have a very good organization system for all my printed recipes, but I use a lot of online recipes now and it's so simple! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!