Book Review: Bible Stories That End With a Hug!

I am a children's librarian and I love children's books! I was thrilled to receive a copy of a children's book Bible Stories That End With a Hug to review. My daughter and I have spent some time reading this book and I also plan to use it with the young children I teach in the church nursery and Sunday School.

The book contains 75 Bible stories. Each story encompasses 2 pages. Each story includes a Bible reading, verse, explanation, and an example of how this can be applied to a child's life. On the far right side of each story, there is a chance for the reader to hug the child he or she is reading with!

The illustrations in the book are soft and sweet. The Bible reading is a longer selection that could be included before it is read to the child, especially if the child is older. I think the explanations and applications are great for young children. When I received this book, I thought it might be a little too young for my daughter who is 5, but we both have really enjoyed it. I think it would work well for a variety of ages, especially if the reader includes additional Bible verses

The hug part is a lot of fun as well. We both look forward to it! This book would be a wonderful way to begin simple devotions with young children.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale House for review. All opinions are my own.


That sounds really cute! Thanks for the review!!