Best Bargain of the Week: Stocking the Gift Closet

Sunday, Target's Christmas clearance went 90% off at our store. We were there to buy a microwave and picked up one or two clearance items as well. After seeing this blog post at the Penniless Socialite, my mom and I made a trip back there to see if we could track down some of the jewelry she found.

Here's what we got:
  • Two necklaces at $2.99 each
  • Three bracelets at $1.69 each
  • Two pouches at $1.29 each
  • Two pairs of socks at $0.29 each
  • Package of tissue paper for $0.20
  • Two Christmas baby onesies for $1.20 and $0.70 each (the girl one has a tulle skirt attached)
  •  One Arial mini stocking (not pictured) for $0.40
Grand Total: $17.80

I will keep a couple things for myself, but the pouches, onesies, socks, and some of the jewelry will go into our gift closet!

Did you find a great deal? Save some money by doing something yourself or using what you have? I'm trying something up your blog post with your best bargain of the week - or leave me a comment! Let me know if the linky works!


Anonymous said…
WOW, no I did not find any good after Christmas sales. I wanted to get some inexpensive lights...usually walmart has them, but all they had was LED and I wasn't paying for them, so I skipped it altogether. =)

Glad you found a some great sales!
Well, I got girls' tights- the heavy cotton ones- for $1 a pair at Walmart last week. On Saturday, I went to Target for a few things and saw the Christmas section 90% off, so I got a few boxes of cards and cleaned out their candy canes- 25 cents for a 24 pack- for my son who has a new love of candy canes. Then I went to Target to get some things to organize my desk, and some of the exact things I was looking for- binders, a filing box, file folders- had 100% back in rewards! Sweet! I love a good bargain, too! Great job on your deals!
I don't usually buy my gifts early, because I hid them, then can't find them till years later. lol