I've been thinking about what to write since Friday. Debating. Deciding how much to say and how to say it. I posted a little craft post yesterday and worried that I should have said this first.

I have a young daughter. I used to be a classroom teacher. I am struggling the same way you are. Reading various articles trying to gain perspective, clarity, and comfort. Grieving. Hugging my daughter a little closer.

I've been trying to find ways to help both those grieving in Newtown and those in my community. I am thinking about how this blog, our shop, and my life in general can be more of an encouragement to others.

You many have seen some of these, but here are a few articles that I have read and appreciated from the last few days.

 If you have any articles, comments, or thoughts to share, I would love to hear them.

I have more posts coming: a book review, some more crafty gifts, and a What I Wore.

I'm off to read with my daughter - she likes the American Girl chapter books and we're reading McKenna Ready to Fly.


Thank you for this post! Words come very hard after such a tragedy; they seem woefully inadequate to the pain so many of us feel for the residents of Newtown. I appreciate the thoughts you expressed; so many of us, normally articulate adults, are struck dumb by the sheer unbelievable awfulness!